Chevron 360 Virtual Tour

360 Virtual Tour Production Deliverables 25 20,000 pixel wide 360 panorama photos Virtual tour application development for WebVR, MobileVR, and Samsung GearVR. Mobile/Remote live 360 video on-set for producers and team Lighting and merchandise placement for best production value About the Customer Chevron Corporation doesn’t need much of an introduction here. In case you’ve been … Read More

Architecture Photographer

Is your visual brand connected to the brand story? Architects, developers and luxury real estate companies need a architecture photographer that produces true ‘transmedia’ imagery. Professional architecture photography, video, stop-motion animations, aerials, and timelapse can be produced in one day. You get all your multi-channel content marketing created at once. Please click on the architecture … Read More

Automotive Photographer

I worked for ten years, as a senior creative director and automotive photographer, for most of the leading brands in North America and Europe. I also developed the worlds largest 360 virtual tour media library for cars with interactive animations within configurators, where millions of people make car buying decisions everyday on AOL Auots, Yahoo … Read More