Qvale Auto Group owns and operates 18 dealerships across the USA from California to Texas and Florida. They commissioned me to photograph all eighteen dealerships. Car dealerships are huge physical spaces and have a ton of complicated visual detail to to capture. We worked with very high resolution automotive panorama photography to accomplish this project. Many of the resulting photographs are 90 individual 36 megapixel pictures all rendered together for one final picture. There are over 150 panorama photographs in this visual media campaign.

This project resulted in a dozen 4AM call times, but it was worth it to create images combining my passions in both architecture and automotive photography. Not all dealerships are shabby run down buildings. The Qvale Auto Group built a four-story, 158,000-square-foot Audi dealership in Fort Lauderdale, Florida that’s a complete well thought out brand experience and a pleasure to photograph in this style.